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Half Shandian/ Half Human


Urouge-san (father)

Brennen (clone)

Urouge is a recent addition to moderating team at Arlong Park. RobbyBedfart, Freedom and he were promoted at the same time. Apparently he considers himself to be the meanest of the three because he chose to be Akainu. No offense to Urouge, but Akainu is a douche.

Real WorldEdit

He is actually a clone of the administrator, Brennen.exe. Science has proven that after Brennen was born, Urouge-san (the character) went back in time, stole Brennens unfertilized fetus from Brennen's mother, fertilized it and raised him to become the Urouge-san that we know and are scared of to this day.He also seems to be a great AMV maker.

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