Quite possibly the worst posters in the history of AP (which means alot). These guys have battled not only on Arlong Park but on places such as Narutofan and Daizex.

When reading their posts, expect to find faulty writing, nonsensical arguments, wanking of Dragonball, and general idiocy.

The members of the brigade are as follows:

Phenom: The poster the brigade got part of it's name from. Has clashed with the likes of Zephos repeatedly. Has also repeatedly been banned with him returning again and again under a new account (which is honestly kind of sad at this point). Is a Sasuke fan, which is odd when one considers the character's obvious homosexuality and Phenom's Christianness. His Technique account has Bible stuff in his signature in a coloring that is unneeded, showing that Phenom happens to be quite the attention whore.

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