A famous translator in the One Piece community, he started translating the manga around the time Skypiea was on Shonen Jump. He was a fresh breath of air after the few years of bad translations and bad scans. All of his translations are still on his site.

To this day, Stephen's translations are still respected. They are the guide everyone accepts. Sometimes they're used in arguments, considering there are many mistranslations around the net - and thus, many misinterpretations around the One Piece Community.

The EndEdit

Shortly after translating Chapter 545, Stephen wrote a message saying he decided to stop translating One Piece, to the shock of many fans around the English One Piece Community, including IRC Channels and forums such as Arlong Park, Stephen still checks on Arlong Park Forums and sometimes posts there, but the translations won't probably be coming back

Viz Manga Edit

Now Stephen (Stephen Paul) is the official One Piece translator for Viz's Shonen Jump release.