One Piece Character Tournament 2013


Montblanc Noland

Runner Up


Total (non-filler) Contestants


Total Rounds


Total Matches


The Arlong Park Character Tournament 2013 was preceded by the Doflamingo Invitational Tournament, in which only characters introduced between chapters 667 and 707 were allowed to compete. This additional tournament was won by Fujitora.

The actual tournament of 2013 started on July 13th. The one hundred and sixty characters who had been nominated would compete for the tournament title together with a number of additional characters who earned a place in the tournament based on their performance in the past. Favourites to win this year's tournament included Donquixote Doflamingo, Trafalgar Law, Crocodile and a number of others. However, things progressed completely different from what everyone had expected and in the end the final match was between Jinbe and Montblanc Noland. This match was won by Noland with 146 votes, six more than Jinbe's 140.

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