About ModsEdit

Arlong Park Forums is run by mods whose job is to make sure people stay on their best behavior. Generally speaking, the mods get along well with everyone and have a decent sense of humor. Typically, the only users who really have a problem with them seem to come off as whiners who become unreasonably mad for a one-day ban after repeatedly ignoring the rules of the forums, despite several advance warnings. To differentiate the mods from regular members, their user names are generally colored green.

Current ModsEdit

Mods are denoted by four Green stars under their usernames. They are, in actuality, global moderators, but that's too much of a mouthful.

Freedom - Joined April 18th, 2005. His avatar is a picture of a cat with headphones.

RobbyBevard - Called Robby for short. He joined March 18th, 2007. His avatar is well known by all as an image of a husky dog. This is called Bobart and he frequently changes it to suit a situation. For example, in the 2010 One Piece Character Tournament, he edits the husky to resemble the character he supports.

Satsuki - Joined February 12th, 2005. Posts semi-often; mainly in the Media section.

taboo - Best mod ever. Even better than RobbyBedFiend. And I hear he's quite good in bed. Joined February 13th, 2005, but caused a rip in the space-time continuum to achieve this, meaning her actual join date is presumably December 31, 1969.

Urouge - Also known as TheUrouge, maker of great One Piece AMVs, on Youtube; unfortunately his account was suspended because Youtube is run by a bunch of assholes of copyright infringement. He joined April 3rd, 2009. His avatar is a picture of Urouge-san (duh).

Vanessa - Joined July 29th, 2005. She is sane compared to most of the mods. However, in Arlong Park, a little insanity is also appreciated sometimes.

Members with Moderator PriviledgesEdit

These members are capable of moderating certain subforums, but do not possess green usernames, so they are fail, unlike BobbyModFart and that guy with the cat avatar.

Ubiq - Joined February 12th, 2005. He is famous for having been hit by a train. His avatar is taken from fanart of the Blackbeard pirates wearing each other's hats.In the Fourth round thread he is acting as a 8 ball. According to Captain Ugly, Ubiq represents "The Temperance". User name is purple.

Tare_Chan - Joined February 13th, 2005. A very big fan of Robin. User name is red.

Zach Logan - Joined November 14th, 2007. Zach is his real name. He's the host of the ever popular "One Piece Unofficial Podcast" series and was granted permission to have a subforum at AP. He frequently travels to anime conventions with his fellow podcast correspondents, all of whom are good friends with J. Michael Tatum, the VA of Eneru, Dalton, and Pearl in the Funimation dub. His avatar is a picture of Luffy wearing a tie. User name is red.

Gekko135 - Joined May 31st, 2008. Commonly referred to simply as Gekko. He owns a corporation that controls 78.8% of the APSE (Arlong Park Shit Exchange). According to Captain Ugly, Gekko represents "The Magician". User name is red.

Steven D. Teach - Joined January 5th, 2009. He drinks with Vasco Shot. User name is red.

Previous ModsEdit

Windrays/SuNa - Joined before the forum reboot, making him the earliest mod. Quit in 2011 after getting a full time job from hell.

Konis - Joined before the forum reboot, quit in 2006.

Gurneel - Joined before the forum reboot, quit in 2005.

SetaGinny - Joined before the forum reboot, became an admin, and quit in 2007. The wife of madgophermm5.

madgophermm5 - Joined in 2005, quit in 2007. Husband of SetaGinny.

e1n - Joined before the forum reboot, quit in 2008.

bevin - Joined in 2008, quit in 2009.

Tashigi_souchou - Joined before the forum reboot, quit in 2005.

Zio - Joined in 2006, quit in 2008.

Carly - Joined in 2005, quit in 2007.

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